What’s the latest? – God is moving mightily – to God be the glory – a Dios sea la gloria – Phil. ch. 2



A Glance Back to 2016;    Looking Ahead to 2017 – This year’s Goals

“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint’   Isaiah 40:31

We pray this year for the Lord to strengthen all of us  every day!
Mat. 6



God bless you for walking with us and partnering with us!


Thank you / our deepest gratitude and you are part of an amazing ministry for Christ when you partner.  Thank you.

We wanted to start this year with a recap of last year and talking about this year’s ideas and goals!  Before we do that, however, we want to say a huge ‘THANK YOU!!’ to all of our faithful supporters. We had new partners past year and even some new ones this year already, praise the Lord.  We pray the Lord blesses your obedience to Him in this way.

A special request we wish to make known is our passion and drive for our Bible ministry.  Last year we spent out of our donations close to $10,000 US in complete Bibles, New Testament Bibles, and tracts. This February (a few weeks ago – in faith!!) – we have just purchased $4,000.00 on the same.  These fly off of our shelf so fast it is shocking…which is a good thing!  Please pray and see if the Lord would lead you to donate for Bibles.

We will spend another $10,000 US projected in medicines and health care for impoverished, (includes widows and orphans).  Also, on that note, to keep our credentials as medical professionals to enable this type of high speed ministry – we spend another $10,000 US annually.  To go and speak and share Good News and share with churches on our Fall trip and travel costs around $5000 US.  Last year we received royalties of $150 over a month long trip in the Fall.  So that’s a net (loss) of – $4,850 US (in the red) for those who are not accounting majors.

Yes, thank you again, there is still rent, roof over the head, food, clothes, and education for children, insurance, medical bills, and all the other essentials missionaries need to live on and depend on those faithful partners who are blessed to be part of it make happen for The Lord for us.  We also need donations to cover the other above costs that enables this ministry to be the incredible dynamic ministry that is it! – Thank u!!

Medical missions, as many or most of you have seen, is likely the most effective ministry The Lord’s uses – powerful to bring people to The Kingdom.  But it is more expensive – and requires a family to give up a great deal in America and comforts; to deploy to a challenging place and work hard under difficult and trying conditions.  After 3 1/2 years, we have proven God is using us powerfully (all by His awesome Grace and Will); //  honestly – we cannot do it without your financial partnership and help.  That is God’s design – gets everyone in the game for God.  Everyone can “give or go”.  We chose to “go” and brothers and sisters – we need those left behind to “give”.

We have fully come to understand the Truth and power of this next verse – as we gave more and more and more of our earthly treasure, until we chose to give it all – and deployed barely out of debt from medical education expenses – and left the US permanently, without a safety net, of savings – to overseas full time – “all in” lifetime deployment – for Christ.  As you give for The Lord, to The Lord, and enable us – you will see, as we did, God will fill you and use you for His Kingdom work, in a more powerful and dynamic way, as you eliminate sin and obstacles and get a closer relationship and put full trust in Christ – and immerse, thirsty and hungry into Scripture and the True Purpose Christ has prepared for you.
Matthew 6    19 “ Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; 21 for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

and also powerful for us… – was this…
22 “The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. 23 But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

24 “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.

We pray you will become a quarterly or monthly or semi-annal financial (and subsequently a prayer) partner with us.  We are definitely in need of your help; and you will not be disappointed in how God will work in your prayer life – as you go to the altar for us – and spend time in Scripture and prayer with Christ // – as you put your hard earned money in the game of missions with us, for The Lord.  70% of or donations are from individuals like you – personally partnering with their tithes and offerings – and then going to battle for us on their knees or face – as a result of making those dollars count for Christ and His Kingdom, in prayer and spiritual warfare protection for us.  Please go to Globalservicenetwork.org – click “give” and search “Duncan”; or just click this link/ click here.

Last year proved much more productive and accomplished more than we had dreamed. We developed a plan to develop strategic relationships, fortify
churches and church plants, make disciples, and use our gifts as medical professionals and as a surgeon to show the love of Christ and make disciples. We were able to help contribute to 13 house church plants; 6 of which we personally ran the medical clinics and oversaw evangelism efforts, including discipleship teaching, medical triage, one on one and group evangelism, high quality medical visits performed, as well as – and importantly – high quality medicines (difficult to obtain guaranteed quality in the DR) – and needed hygeine type gifts given.

In addition to our church planting and medical outreach ministry, we were able to personally, one on one (and sometimes in group) share The Gospel and saw over 150 athletes come to Christ; / often helping redirect wayward careers of athletes with very bright futures, both from a sports medical standpoint and from a Gospel and discipleship standpoint. We witnessed many lives changed, all new believers receiving a full Bible, signed, with Romans road verses written and “Happy Spiritual birthday” in writing John ch. 3, also, to commemorate the event.

They went on to productive discipleship programs. Our unique position and skill set makes us the only professional in our field with Dr. D’s capability in the nation – and puts us into contact with hundreds and hundreds of new contacts. We don’t have an office, of course, but we go to villages, fields, homes, anywhere and everywhere. We take care of the poorest and most needy in the nation, but we also have had a big impact on politically important figures that God uses to cut through red tape and open ministry doors.

We also drove nearly 7000 miles in 1 month in the Fall to share God’s amazing revival and news in the US, sharing about the Dominican Republic. We flew quite a bit during that same time period. We did almost the same amount of mileage over a month in The Spring, not only updating partners and groups and churches, visiting supporters, but also we have to maintain orthopedic surgical licensing and credentialing as well.

We also, Dr. D, has duties as a pastor and preaches once a month at one of our favorite church plants. We perform The Lord’s supper, tithe of course, and the children perform songs for the service, singing and instruments alongside Sarah. Rachel takes violin and piano and Andrew takes guitar. They lay these gifts down at the foot of the cross in the church service we help lead once a month. .

We handed out over $10,000 US in Bibles last year, and most of those directly to Dominicans receiving Christ personally, one on one. Those that want a Bible, but don’t receive Christ (about 30%), receive a New Testament. We also hand out hundreds of children’s Bibles – all in Spanish of course.  We spent thousands of dollars on medicines and other ministry ítems as well. We spend several thousand dollars annually on car repairs, tires, fuel, mainteannce – from taking our rugged diesel truck into the roughest areas, worse roads, and hard to reach areas to help the needy, often urgent medical issues or church plants or fotifying. We also take numerous hits to the car by other vehicles in one of the most dangerous and challenging places to drive internationally.

Next year, we are on tract for continued powerful mission here in The Dominican Republic. The Dominicans have a hunger for The Word of God, they are humble and many broken and impoverished, and they have a high reverence for Christ, The Word of God, and men of God. They understand sin leads to hell and eternal separation from God and they know already that Christ died on the cross for them. Most have some near or distant relative that has gone to church, and nearly all know a personal friend or family member that has died in some tragic manner at a young age. Most listen intently after the receive the medical expertise we are able to offer, and the majority (maybe 70%), – with triumphant joy or somber recognition – receive Christ and their Bible – and are directed into a discipleship program and church.

The children continue to excel at sports, home school at Liberty Universty, and music. They lead their sports team’s devotions and pray with them before every practice. The music school is a Christian music school. Sarah, in addition, to home schooling, keeping house, cooking, and taking care of her husband, – also is the mainstay on preparing for the operativo médicos, organizing vital signs station, as well as the pharmacy, logistics, and other duties. She helps and empowers the women in the barrios for the churches we help augment and fortify. Sarah has also taken up a soap making minstry that is growing in its own right. She has a large city wide women’s Bible study that enables us to be synergistic on our mission in many ways, with kids, and support, and life in the field.

We have recognized that the church plants in the poor barrios need our help, and we have laid down roots and good relationships there. We are happy, stable, and set to stay until The Lord calls us to .heaven or otherwise to continue His mission.

What is more powerful and moving than The Word of God?

Creative ‘Happy New Year’ made with surgical tools!

God’s Word is being sewn everywhere we go in the DR!

Gentleman at car shop receives a Bible

Debriefing for medical clinic in remote mountain area where the Lord has opened amazing ministry doors

Typical route to medial clinics and churches

Wonderful Pastor who opened his church doors to us to do mountain medical clinic and evangelism

Dr. D sees patients in clinic

Patients at clinic receive Bibles

Family and friends put their all into the medical and evangelism clinic!

Wonderful workers for the Lord handmade approximately 100 of these dolls to share the love of Christ with the children in our clinics

Friend and ministry partner from the US,  Dave helps minister during baseball in the barrios with the local children

The Lord has opened up a beautiful area in the mountains for us to minister to

God opens doors in Dominican baseball for us to serve

Family ministry…hiking and camping to the top of Pico Duarte (just over 10,000 feet) – rewarded with beautiful cross at the top!

Special church that we love and get to serve in first Sunday of every month. Dr. Duncan receives prayer from Pastor as he gets ready to preach

Entrance to our church above village- a little rough but the people have beautiful hearts for the Lord!

Rachel on violin and our singing group lifts our voices to sing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ aka ‘Santo, Santo, Santo’ in our village church.

Baseball player in sports medical ministry receives Christ and a Bible…the whole reason we are here! / Received some donations to help from some local teams.  Only a fraction, but every little bit helps.

Rewarded with this view driving home after a full day’s work for the Lord  God announces and trumpets His presence as in Psalm 19…

Missions often involves very physical ministry in the interior and tough to reach places – How beautiful are the feet of those who spread Good News!

How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”

Traffic jam – DR dirt road/ cows.

Duncan family with brother Dave sharing Gospel to local barrio kids playing baseball.  Dozens and dozens received Christ and Bibles and worshipped Him.

Rachel gets after it on the baseball field – translating her gymnastics athleticsm into powerful work for God.
Sarah in a remote mt. village in the interior/ operativo medico/ – sharing Christ with Bible verses, testimony, and excellent medicine for The Lord.

Rachel is fearless when it comes to performing operativo medicos for the poor and sharing The Gospel and seeing people repent and put their trust in Christ / as God uses this young lady in a powerful way.

Sarah and brother Juan Carlos – as God uses medicine and The Lord to bring a whole village together and multiple villages working together synergistically for Christ – amazing.

Brother Dave gives a Bible and testimony to this gentlemen in a difficult to reach farm on the side of a mountain.
Rachel and Dr. D (her Daddy) share The Gospel to a group of mt. village people ready to get True Healing from Jesus and Scripture after coming to receive high quality meds and medicine and medical knowledge and gifts of hygeine, dresses, dolls, and kids toys, etc

Andrew Duncan has been trained to help Mom in Pharmacy – but in truth – Andrew works for The Great Physician and is a critical member of the GO4Christ.com team.  Globalservicenetwork.org

Three million of the 10 million people in the DR live in Santo Domingo, the city where we live. It is crowded to say the least!

Handmade pillow dresses from hardworking mission minded Christians in a nursing home from NC.  They can’t “go” – say they “give”

The DR is listed as one of the top 4 producers and exporters of avocados in the world. It is an essential Dominican ingredient!

To Give – click this link! – ** or go to **  Globalservicenetwork.org.  Click the Give tab.  Select or type “Duncan”.  Deeply grateful.  Words are insufficient in your enabling us and this mission for The Lord, to His glory and honor.
Mat. 6  – or call Becky and she will help you set everything up.  1-919-249-0146.  Fully tax deductible.  Thank you for your offering and tithe to The Lord.

February 27th marks Dominican Independence Day!  In 1884 Juan Pablo Duarte led the DR to it’s independence from Haiti.

Dr. Duncan does a well baby check in a church where a prior operativo medico was performed, fortifying the church and community, and sharing testimony to a region.  God is so amazing.  Please join us and partner today.  We need you and God will use you powerfully.

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Pray for us!

-Visa/Residency process – smooth!

-Wise decisions regarding a new ministry opportunity

-Dr. Duncan’s patients heal well

-Sarah’s continued healing after medical procedure and no further issues.

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