Your prayers empower and your gifts enable; – God is most alive in all of our lives as we get uncomfortable & invest in Him. – Dominican Duncans: Serving Christ in the Dominican Republic; Global Orthopedics 4 Christ. – We believe in the Authoritative Scripture of The Holy Bible and The Great Commission (Mat 28) We would love to partner with you today! Thank U so much for your partnership and giving. God blesses us in mysterious ways when we invest and honor Him; often in intangible ways that we would not have previously understood! 1 John Ch. 4 . We recommend;;, and to go on a trip! – ; and to partner – amen! –; Call Becky at Global Service Network at 919-249-0146 to set up electronic deposit; or any number of ways to partner. Your prayers, or love offerings, your walking with us in every way – God will honor. Psalm 1.